Black-throated Thrush - Zwartkeellijster

Black-throated Thrush


Turdus ruficollis

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

This bird was discovered on a cemetery at the edge of the city of Groningen. It was rediscovered the day after, to the delight of many Dutch birders. Really good views, however, were hard to get, partly because of rather bad weather, partly because of the bird's weariness. Fortunately, it would every now and then appear perched in top of one of the tall trees and stay there for a minute or so, scanning the environs. It was on two of these occasions that I managed to make some video shots, though in fairly poor light conditions. In one of the stills shown here, it can just be seen that the underwing coverts have an orangey tinge, while some suggest that there may also have been some rufous visible on the rear flanks. This might point to the bird being a Red-throated, but the general lack of any further rufous in the plumage (particularly tail and throat & breast) contradicts this.
Well-visible on the first two stills are the pointed tail feathers, indicating that the bird is a first-winter.

  Black-throated Thrush  -  Zwartkeellijster  Turdus ruficollis   first-winter;  videograbs (320x), contrast enhanced.
  Groningen Gr, The Netherlands, 12 November 2000.


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