Atlantic Odyssey 2002 index

       Atlantic Odyssey 2002 index

Teus Luijendijk

In March/April 2002, my trip mates (the Swedes Hans Ackered, Lennart Falk, Yngve Hareland, Jan-Olov Hedblad and Jan Wendeby) and I were onboard the MS Professor Molchanov , on a trip from Ushuaia, in Southernmost Argentina, back to the Northern hemisphere. Not only was this an opportunity to visit the Antarctic continent, it also meant excellent possibilities to study the Atlantic seabird species. Even more so, as we on the way north visited several of the (sub-)antarctic and tropical Atlantic islands, like South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena and Ascension. The latter was our final destination: from here we took an RAF plane back to Britain, while the ship headed further north, with final destination Vlissingen (The Netherlands).
Before this epic journey, we spent a week in 2 different sites in Argentina. For an overview of this, look here.
During the whole trip I made several hours of video recordings of the birds we observed. The results from the Atlantic Odyssey are presented here as stills taken from these video tapes; just click at the thumbnails to obtain a larger image.

A detailed trip report is available here.

 King Penguin

 Gentoo Penguin

 Adelie Penguin

 Chinstrap Penguin

 Rockhopper Penguin

 Wandering Albatross

 possible Amsterdam Albatross

 Black-browed Albatross

 Shy Albatross

 Grey-headed Albatross

 Atl. Yellow-nosed Albatross

 Sooty Albatross

 Light-mantled S. Albatross

 Southern Giant Petrel

 Northern Giant Petrel

 Antarctic Fulmar

 Antarctic Petrel

 Cape Petrel

 Kerguelen Petrel

 Great-winged Petrel

 Soft-plumaged Petrel

 Atlantic Petrel

 Blue Petrel

 possible Broad-billed Prion

 Antarctic Prion

 Fairy Prion

 White-chinned Petrel

 Spectacled Petrel

 Grey Petrel

 Great Shearwater

 Little Shearwater

 Wilson's Storm-petrel

 Black-bellied Storm-petrel

 White-bellied Storm-petrel

 Madeiran Storm-petrel

 Common Diving Petrel

 Red-billed Tropicbird

 White-tailed Tropicbird

 Masked Booby

 Red-footed Booby

 Brown Booby

 Imperial Shag

 Ascension Frigatebird

 Cattle Egret

 South Georgia Pintail

 St. Helena Plover

 Snowy Sheathbill

 Antarctic Skua

 Brown Skua

 South polar Skua

 Kelp Gull

 Antarctic Tern

 Brown Noddy

 Black Noddy

 White Tern

 South Georgia Pipit




 Java Sparrow




 Antarctic Fur Seal

 Leopard Seal

 Weddell Seal

 Southern Elephant Seal

 Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

 Bottlenose Dolphin

 Killer Whale

 Humpback Whale




 Green Turtle





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